We think it is, now obviously it varies from couple to couple, but in our eyes a surprise proposal is the ultimate act of romance. To ease your nerves about choosing an engagement ring alone we can answer any questions you may have.

How do I know what engagement ring they will like?

If you are afraid that you don’t know what style they will like, do a little sleuthing before starting to shop. Notice their style. Do they like antique style or modern? Do they like glamour and sparkle or are their tastes that little bit more understated. Look at the jewellery they currently wear to get an idea of their tastes. Not all hints are subtle so if they send you links to websites or point out rings that they like, take screenshots and photographs!

Does Size Matter?

No matter how big a diamond is, if the quality isn’t up to scratch it’s doomed to be a lifeless and unimpressive stone. Opting for a smaller diamond with an impressive colour and clarity (from H upwards in colour and SI1 upwards in clarity) will ensure the ring truly sparkles. (If you are scratching your head wondering what colour grade and clarity mean, then read our guide to the four C’s here)

However, if your beloved happens to have eyes that might be slightly bigger than your budget, there’s always the option of a lab-grown diamond. Visually and molecularly identical to the real deal, these quality alternatives actually carry about a 40% lower price tag to mined diamonds, so are a much more affordable option.

What if Someone Sees You?

This is a real worry for people who are planning a surprise engagement. If you are worried you will meet your Auntie Mary, your next door neighbour or your partner’s first cousin while choosing an engagement ring, well worry no more.

At Ryan Thomas we offer the utmost discretion. Book an appointment to view engagement rings in our upstairs private diamond boutique so you can relax and browse rings in privacy, away from the general public.

If you happen to meet someone on the way in or out, then you were simply dropping in for a new battery for your watch!

What if I choose the wrong engagement ring?

If you purchase a ring for your loved one and it is not the perfect ring, we can exchange the ring for you. You and your fiancé(e) are welcome to make an appointment, come back to our private diamond boutique and shop for the dream ring. We hope this takes the risk out of choosing the wrong style of ring.

What if the engagement ring doesn’t fit?

This is a scenario that is often faced, whether you choose the ring with your partner or choose it solo. On occasion there is a lovely Cinderella moment where the ring fits perfectly but it is surprisingly rare. We advise choosing the ring, using it for the proposal and if it is not the perfect size, call back to us and we will measure your partner's finger, then it will be resized by our Goldsmith or we will order it in the correct size.

How much do I spend?

In the past there were rules for everything and in our eyes these are pretty outdated. Rather than spending X% of your salary, spend what you can afford. We have rings for every taste and budget. Choosing an engagement ring should be a joyous occasion and shouldn’t be tainted with any financial stress or pressure to spend a certain amount. The average engagement ring spend is between €2000 and €4000 but there is no correct amount!

If you have any more questions we haven’t answered, contact us here and we would be happy to answer them. Choosing your perfect engagement ring should be a fun experience and we’re here to help at every stage. Happy Engagement Ring shopping.

By Amy Ryan


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