Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in an engagement ring appointment?

Engagement ring appointments take place in our Gladstone street store in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. We have a private viewing room where you can browse at leisure. Whether you wish to see specific rings from our collection close-up or if you're starting your research and looking for advice about diamonds and gemstones and what ring designs might work for you, we are here to guide you through the entire process.

Are all of the rings on your website shop page in stock?

Yes, all of the rings on our shop page are in stock. If you require a different ring size to the size we have in stock, we will order or make this ring for you in your size. All of our ordered or custom made rings take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive.

How long does it take to custom make a ring?

Our custom made rings take approximately 4 weeks to create. Each bespoke ring is meticulously crafted by hand in Ireland by our master Goldsmith. We personally source the diamonds and gemstones for our bespoke designs and use only the most superior quality, ethical stones.

What if I want to make a ring that doesn't look like any of the rings on your shop page?

Get in touch! We love hearing about what you wish to make. As our bespoke creations are individually crafted by hand, we can custom make almost anything.

What if I already own a diamond or heirloom piece of jewellery that I would like to incorporate into a custom made ring. Is this possible?

Yes we can, we love reimagining old pieces into new. The new custom design can be something you’ve come across before or have in mind, or if you're unsure, we'll show you different styles and ideas from our past and present collections for inspiration. Once the design of your new custom piece is decided, the materials from your own jewellery (the gemstones and the gold) are used by our Goldsmith to handcraft the new design. Sometimes the custom piece is made with additional diamonds or gemstones. If so, we will source the right diamonds or gemstones to match the quality and size of your existing ones.

If I see a ring I like on your instagram, facebook or shop page but would prefer a different metal (e.g. yellow gold instead of white gold), or different sized diamonds, is this possible?

Yes, since our custom rings are made by hand, this gives endless design options. All of our rings are available in 18ct white, yellow or rose gold or platinum. Different carat sizes are also available to suit your style and budget.

Are your diamonds ethically sourced?

Yes, all of our diamonds are ethically sourced and adhere to the Kimberly process.

Do I receive a valuation report with my diamond ring?

A complete valuation report is provided for your diamond ring. This valuation is valid for insurance purposes too.

Can I get my ring engraved?

We offer a complimentary engraving service for all of our engagement and wedding rings. Character restrictions do apply.

Do you have a payment plan option?

We are happy to accept deposits and payment in installments. We do not have a strict payment plan or timeline; once you choose your piece and pay a 10% deposit, we set it aside for you and you are welcome to pay the remaining balance as and when it suits you.

What if I need my ring resized?

Ring resizing is provided. Our Goldsmith always resizes rings by inserting gold, we do not "stretch rings" as this can weaken the setting and lead to future problems. Therefore there is a limit to how many sizes a ring should be resized. For instance, if you see a ring in stock that you love but it is much too large or small, it is not appropriate to resize the ring to this degree. Instead we can order or custom make this ring for you in your ring size.

Can I return a purchased ring?

Yes, if you purchase a ring for your loved one and it is not the perfect ring, we can exchange the ring for you.

What does your after-sales service include?

We provide the best in after-sales service. Our precious jewellery is designed to last and regular servicing and cleaning ensures its longevity. We offer complimentary ring setting checks. Rings worn every day are exposed to lots of banging, tugging and twisting and a loose or damaged claw is usually why diamonds fall out. We advise having ring settings checked approximately every two years. We examine the ring under a microscope to check that the settings are secure. Any rings that require attention are evaluated and restored by our Goldsmith. A price estimation would be provided before completing any work. We offer a complimentary professional cleaning service for all our engagement and wedding rings. Whenever you think your ring is looking less bright and sparkly, please bring it to the store for a complimentary professional clean. This cleaning service is completed in-house with equipment of the highest standard.
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